• Innovazione e Sviluppo: Environment Park con il Plasma rivoluziona il mondo dello sci

    A new important goal for the sector Plasma Nano-Tech of  Environment Park thanks to the registered patent for the project “Plasma Ski”.

    An invention ready to revolutionize the skiing world and overall its speeds.

    An innovative process able to modify the functional properties of the surface of ski bases made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene with the goal of increasing the maximum amount of absorbable wax was developed.

    The patent, realised in collaboration with the Skiman Association and developed by the sector Plasma Nano-Tech Environment Park, contains surprising results: an absorption of large quantities of wax up to 6 times higherconsidering the same impregnation methodology.

    Optical microscopy analysis of the final structure of polyethylene revealedwider and cleaner cavities, while the sliding test after waxing showed a considerable increasing of flowing properties, improved abrasion resistance and a considerable increase in the lasting time of the wax on the base surface that cause the delay of the collapse.

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