Environment Park, as third part of the Polytechnic school of Turin in the framework of the BRISK2 EU project, gives to a selected number of projects the opportunity to do test in our pilot plants with a travel expenses reimbursement in the limit of 1200 €.

    The project is dedicated to allow a greater use of the research and pilot plants available in Europe for research and/or applied research activities.

     The pilots plants involved within this project are the following:

    • Steam Explosion
    • Chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis of 115 l
    • Dark and anaerobic digestion on 5, 35 and 250 l

    Seeing the sanitary situation, it is possible to organise virtual access to our facilities: we can realise your tests and send you samples and results!

    You can find, in attachment, a brief description of each pilots plant.

    For more details and information on the BRISK2 project and/or the procedure to participate, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Contacts : alexia.boulanger@envipark.com

    Envipark pilot plants description