A building that can be dismantled like Lego and reused in all its parts: the Office Block is the head office for Environment Park and one of the first experiments in non-residential green building in Italy. As well as EnviPark, the building also houses offices of other innovation technology businesses and an events area.

For the creation of the building, designed internally at Environment Park, the designers used a ‘dry-walling’ system of SPF bricks. This technique is both fast and economical and guarantees the recyclability of every part of the building, in the case of decommissioning and dismantling. All of the materials used are natural, derived from renewable or recycled sources, of low conductivity and are free of harmful emissions. The wood used is all locally sourced (spruce, larch, oak and chestnut); a building choice that limited the energy consumption of transporting materials. Furthermore, it was all from controlled wood sources, to avoid contributing to deforestation. The building also has a system for collecting rainwater, which is then reused in hygiene services.