Environment Park is an open-air space that offers various platforms for experimentation of prototypes and designs. From electric car recharging towers to scale models of green building constructions, such as Energy Skin and GRE_EN_S – two prototypes created under POLIGHT, Innovation Pole on green building and hydrogen, run by EnviPark.

Energy Skin is a prototype of sustainable module for high-rise buildings, based on an air conditioning system that enables the creation of low energy constructions, without penalising wall thickness and aesthetics. The Energy Skin system is ideal for buildings with continuous façades (aluminium or glass-aluminium) and uses a heat pump to extract energy from the façade (mainly that lost from the building) and it then distributes it around the building at a suitable temperature. This technology provides significant and affordable energy savings, without any loss in volume; it is also an interesting alternative to geothermal heat pumps, which are little suited to high-rise buildings.

GRE_EN_S, on the other hand, is a garden-on-the-wall, a modular ‘green wall system’ that can be dismantled and recycled, which consists of a layer made from plant matter and recycled materials that guarantees low-impact heat and sound insulation. GRE_EN_S is the result of an interdisciplinary approach based on studies involving biofiltration; phytosanitation; the characteristics of envelope materials, in terms of energy and microclimate; the environmental management of manufacturing activities and waste disposal activities.

Within EnviPark, there is also an electric car recharging tower, which has been visited by various experimental vehicles needing to ‘fill up’, including the Tesla, the first sports car to be fully powered by electricity.