Environment Park is the first to experiment successfully in Italy with a green roof system: a method of reducing the visual impact of the building complex, so that it appears to be part of the greenery in the new Parco Dora. This system guarantees a comfortable atmosphere inside the offices, due to the external heat filtration during the summer and added internal heat insulation in the winter.


Around 85% of the heat used in Environment Park is produced using boilers fuelled by natural wood chip (waste product from urban tree pruning), a superb source of renewable energy which is readily available around Turin. The use of a heat absorber also enables EnviPark to use heat from the boiler to generate cold. This system heats and cools Environment Park all year round, using little more than the waste produced by the parks and tree-lined streets of Turin. The savings are obvious, both financial (actual cost of fuel) and ecological (consistent reduction in the mass of landfill waste).
In the milder months, Environment Park works to save energy and use renewable sources by using water from the canal that crosses through the park to cool the refrigeration liquid used to cool the offices. In the warm season, on the other hand, the canal water serves to cool the heat absorber condenser, thus EnviPark avoids having to use cooling towers that would involve very high water consumption.


The south-facing façades of the Office Block in Environment Park were created using the Blue Building system: a combination of innovative solutions to improve internal comfort and significantly limit energy consumption. The system is based on interactive façades and radiant ceiling panels.


The façade of the Office Block in Environment Park is made with totally transparent glass windows, which allow natural light to enter the internal spaces. In the areas less exposed to sunlight, a transparent glass skylight and 20 Solar Spot style solar chimneys funnel light in from the outside.


Il soffitto a pannelli radianti ad acqua garantisce alto comfort ambientale e risparmio energetico di funzionamento.


In the south-facing façade, solar thermal collectors heat the water used in sanitary services and a solar wall pre-heats the air, in the winter months, which is then treated by a heat pump that manages the primary air.