Environment Park provides its partner businesses with a fully comprehensive services package: the opportunity to make use of shared infrastructures, services for the development and settlement of new enterprises, support in project development and technology transfer. An authentic logistical support service for enterprises and start-up companies.

From mini offices of 10 square metres to 2,000 square metre spaces, the real estate sector of Environment Park guarantees customised settlement solutions, both in the physical layout of site and in the engineering phase of the settlement. A versatile package that includes spaces of variable floor space and height, to satisfy the needs of all types of business: from tertiary sector activities to industrial experimentation. An ad hoc area of EnviPark is also available for co-working, where young entrepreneurs can find fertile ground on which to develop their individual businesses.

As well as office space, the team of qualified staff in the real estate sector of Environment Park guarantees a shared laboratory platform, where innovative technologies can be tested, as well as a network of Clean Technology specialists to provide specific expert advice.

The Environment Park complex includes a large underground car park and a restaurant area, open daily and available for customised Business Lunches.