Master – Sustainable Architecture – Smart Building and Urban Innovation

Environment Park provides technical support to the master Sustainable Architecture – Smart Building and Urban Innovation organized by Architect Cesare Griffa at the European Institute of Design and aimed at those who, in possession of a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Civil or related degrees, wish to explore the dynamics of the built environment and want to propose technical/functional strategies that take into account energy and social issues. For […]

Borghi sostenibili del Piemonte

Environment Park works as a technical partner in the project Borghi Sostenibili del Piemonte (Sustainable Towns in the Piedmont Region – An Area for More Responsible Tourism). The project involves the auditing, evaluation and promotion of all aspects of sustainable tourism in the municipalities constituting part of the network, which can use the label as a reward tool for sustainable and responsible tourism within their localities.

The public administration researches innovative products for public lighting

‘Public procurement for innovation’ is a practice introduced at a European level to promote Public Administration purchasing of products by innovative companies. The objective of this initiative is to provide support for the first phase of the marketing of ‘early market’ products, with tender competitions for solutions not yet available on the market and of high technological content. The City of Turin and Environment Park are working in partnership to […]

Horizon 2020 – competitions dedicated to SME Instrument

Under the H2020 scheme, the SME Instrument is an initiative dedicated exclusively to innovative SMEs. It provides support for SMEs that are looking to launch a project in three stages: from the feasibility study, to the development of a collaborative project, to the final product launch. It is targeted towards innovative product ideas, which have the possibility of being launched on the market within a short timespan (2 – 3 […]