“Circularity in Hydrogen Fuel Cells” is the next workshop organised by BEST4Hy, where Environment Park is project coordinator, with the other two Horizon2020 projects eGHOST and SH2E. The main objective of this workshop is to provide the audience with the latest research results on sustainability of hydrogen fuel cells, considering their entire life cycle. The hydrogen […]

BioSFerA H2020, project’s update and meeting in Madrid

For the first time, after two years of project, the BioSFerA Consortium meets in person in Madrid. The first physical meeting took place last 3rd – 4th May at the Center for Biological Research Margarita Salas (CIB) of our partner CSIC, the Spanish National Research Council. The two-days meeting was also the opportunity to visit […]

BEST4HY H2020 project: stock of the situation after one year

Promising results for the BEST4Hy EUH2020 project, after about a year from its launch. The well-established Consortium continues with its activities and its research on the development and validation of existing and novel recycling processes for both PEM (proton exchange membrane) and SOC (solid oxide cells) fuel cells, with widening approval also from some organisations […]

news on biofuels from biosfera project

BioSFerA is ready to annouce its project newsletter. WHY A NEWSLETTER? Starting its third year of research work, BioSFerA have decided to promote its project with a dedicated newsletter available every 4 months where go deepen on project progresses and results, share news and opportunities related to biofuels in maritime and aviation industry. Wheter you […]

Biofuels: latest news from the research project BioSFerA

At nearly half of its way, the BioSFerA project is aligned with the planned activities and some first interesting results highlight the technical value of the BioSFerA concept. Achieved the potential assessment of its replicability across Europe at commercial scale, as well as the identification of the overall value chain, progresses follow from the biological […]

Piattaforma circular economy

The Circular Economy Platform, born in January 2020 from a collaboration agreement between the Politecnico and Environment Park, is the first of the Politecnico di Torino’s strategic platforms to become operational.

Networks and collaborations

We believe that innovation cannot be pursued working alone, but that networks and collaborations are essential to increase the quality and maximise the impact of projects. For this reason, we have been collaborating for years with research centres, utilities and companies at local, national and international level. Specifically, we have collaboration agreements with: Energy and […]

The CLEVER Cluster

Environment Park has been managing one of the regional innovation clusters of Piemonte for over 10 years. Dal 2009 al 2015 gestivamo Polight, il Polo dedicato a Green Building e Idrogeno, dal 2016 abbiamo ampliato il campo d’azione e gestiamo il Polo di Innovazione CLEVER, dedicato a energy and clean technologies.

ITS Energia Piemonte

ITS, ‘Istituti Tecnici Superiori’, are institutes of excellence and high technological specialisation, whose offer is configured as post high school ordinary courses. The “Istituti Tecnici Superiori” train high-level professionals in technological areas recognized as strategic for economic development and competitiveness. The ITS represent in Italy the tertiary education offer alternative to university.