The Clean Tech sector is dedicated to providing technology transfer support services to promote innovation among businesses and public administrations, within the field of clean technology. The activities include expert consultancy services, assistance in identifying opportunities, and completing applications, for funding for research and innovation projects, assistance in finding project partners. This sector also offers support on the journey towards new markets, by means of participation in international competitions and projects, as well as innovation marketing and promotional activities in the form of technology entertainment and communication events. All of the Clean Tech activities are very closely linked to the enterprise system, as is demonstrated by POLIGHT, the Polo di Innovazione sull’Edilizia Sostenibile e l’Idrogeno (Innovation Pole on Sustainable Building and Hydrogen), coordinated by Environment Park since 2009.

Along these same lines, Clean Tech recently launched an important innovation support initiative, testing out both new forms of innovation funding (such as Innovation Procurement and Pre-commercial Procurement) and the development of specific support programmes in support of innovative urban investments (e.g. Smart City) and Social Innovation initiatives.

The sector offers expertise in terms of products, materials and clean technology, and can offer audits and environmental certification for processes/products, life-cycle assessment (LCA), Corporate Social Responsibility tools, techniques for analysis, evaluation, management and sustainability reports, and expert advice on Green Public Procurement and sustainable tourism.

As well as specific expertise in clean technologies, the Clean Tech sector is involved in developing integrated projects across the board, with all of the other sectors of EnviPark.

The main targets of the sector’s activities are: businesses in all commodities sectors, cleantech companies, national and international public administrations.