Energy saving, sustainable materials and certification: Environment Park offers businesses and public administrations innovative solutions, expert advice and design services for green building.

The Green Building sector of the company consists of a team of highly professional experts with expertise in all sectors of green building: from environmental certification to building energy audits, from support in home energy retrofit interventions to the research of products and components capable of satisfying sustainability requirements (LCA for the products of manufacturing companiesin the construction supply chain). EnviPark has exported this knowledge and expertise to the economies of Developing Countries, with the aim of developing environmental sustainability in the field of construction, even where awareness on this subject is not yet well-established.

The Green Building area of Environment Park also takes part in European research projects and is able to manage such initiatives as both partner and consultant.

For activities devoted to Green Building, EnviPark offers the best in innovative energy auditing tools: infrared camera; blower door; infrared thermometer; CO2 temperature and humidity gauges; luxometer.

Il Green Building is responsible for:

Sustainable building
EnviPark offers expert advice in the field of sustainable building and energy saving in the design of new buildings or in energy audits of existing buildings. The Green Building area guarantees its clients both services in architectural and system design and support for designers and architects already working for the client.

Energy Management

The Energy Management service reduces energy consumption in both public and private real estate. EnviPark provides energy audits in accordance with the UNI CEI/TR11428, non-invasive monitoring tools, feasibility studies with rate of return calculation, cost benefit analysis and outlined plans of intervention for green retrofit.

Environmental energy certification
EnviPark offers support to businesses operating in the construction sector in obtaining energy performance or environmental energy certification, according to legal and regulatory requirements or based on the principal methods of certification.

Environmental construction site management
Environment Park has for some time provided a specific service for the design and implementation of environmental construction site management systems, construction being the building life-cycle stage that often has the most negative effect on the environment. The Green Building sector of EnviPark analyses and evaluates, together with the client and before the construction starts, the procedures and strategies necessary in order to mitigate its impact on the environment.