Transforming waste into profit: at Environment Park, we valorise second and third generation biomass to obtain biofuels and chemicals. Solutions that increase both the economic and environmental sustainability of agro-industrial production chains and that can be customised based on the demands of individual businesses. The experts in the Green Chemistry sector of EnviPark, with the support of pilot-scale system testing, develop specialised processes to determine by-product potential and transform it into a business opportunity.

By taking advantage of the available pilot pretreatment and fermentation plants (unique, two-stage prototype and the only one in Italy), the Green Chemistry sector carries out tests devoted to process optimisation and pretreatment of organic material to improve the extraction yield of substances useful to green chemistry, such as sugars, fats, antioxidants, solvents and biostimulants. EnviPark also offers expert advice to businesses on biogas upgrading and subsequent valorisation and feeding into the grid.

The Green Chemistry sector also carries out tests on outdoor photobioreactors for the cultivation and valorisation of microalgae.

The main targets of the sectors activities include: all types of farm, food industries, gas transporters, waste disposal companies, sewage treatment companies, producers of biogas systems, producers of biofuels and biochemicals, animal feed producers, enterprises connected to the neutraceutical sector, cosmetics companies and fertilizer producers.


  • Studies devoted to the production of energy and biofuel from renewable sources;
  • Research and development for the improvement of anaerobic digestion technologies;
  • Research into economically sustainable solutions;
  • Expert advice on anaerobic digestion system design;
  • Chemical and microbiological analysis as a monitor of procedure parameters.