Using only water from the Dora Riparia, Environment Park designed and produced a hydroelectric power station in the Spina 3 for the production of clean electrical energy.

It is one of the first projects of its kind to be found in an urban setting and is of high informative and formative value. The creation of this hydroelectric plant enabled EnviPark to build expertise in this field of design and management, which can today be transferred to institutions and enterprises interested in the so-called ‘white coal’ – electrical energy derived from water power.

The Environment Park hydroelectric power station produces clean energy, thanks to the recovery operation by Canale Meana: built in the mid-1700s, it is the oldest historical testimony to the link between this area and the Dora Riparia River, which has forever attracted the productive heart of the city.
This area of Turin, rechristened Spina 3, has always been one of productive activity: from the mills of the Middle Ages to the military factories of the late 1500s, to Fiat production from 1927.

The waters of the Dora Riparia flow into the Canale Meana at Corso Umbria, near the bay of the Amedeo di Savoy Hospital, and cross through Environment Park in an area called Valle Verde (Green Valley), home to the hydroelectric power plant, and then flow back into the river as purified water at the new Parco Dora.