From textiles to sports equipment, from biomedicine to packaging, from automotive to air pollutant reduction: the nanotechnologies developed at EnviPark are almost without limits and can be applied to sectors across the board to increase the environmental efficiency of production industries, as well as improving their market competitiveness.

Plasma Nano-Tech is a business engine that identifies itself with plasma technologies, a surface pretreatment system that is proving to be the key to success for materials of the future. It provides businesses and large enterprises with new, eco-efficient solutions based on these technologies and accurate product LCA. The Environment Park experimental area includes four different lines of plasma treatment: two atmospheric and two in a vacuum.

Plasma is a gas that works on surfaces, generating multiple innovative features without altering the basic properties of the material. It is a technology that enables the creation of innovative, low energy-consumption materials, from knitting wool to prosthetics to sports equipment.

Plasma is the so-called fourth material state: it is a gas that produces physico-chemical reactions which alter both the physical and functional features of surfaces. Plasma treatment also has further advantages: it is a dry process that requires neither solvents nor chemicals which threaten the environment and, above all, it does not require mass quantities of water.