Project 2020TOGETHER was launched under Programme CIP-IEE Intelligent Energy for Europe / Mobilizing Local Energy Investments – MLEI, with a total budget of € 487.955. 2020. 2020TOGETHER aims at implementing measures to improve energy efficiency of buildings and public lighting of the municipalities within the territory of the Metropolitan City of Turin, for a minimum amount of approximately € 9.500.000, raised through new forms of partnership between public administrations and private investors.

The Metropolitan City of Turin was project leader, with Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and Environment Park as partners.

The main actions planned under the project were:

  • energy auditsof buildings in order to identify the most suitable among the ones designated by the Municipalities;
  • engagement of small and medium-sized enterprises, by encouraging them combine, in order to take on large projects;
  • research and promotion of new contractual forms, in line with the guidelines of the Energy Performance Contracting, and identification of new opportunities for financial support through private investors;
  • coordination of Municipalities and group of interventions in order to form the critical mass necessary to obtain the best terms and conditions;

launch of one or more tenders for the implementation of the planned measures.

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Our role

Being technical partner of the project, Environment Park was involved in providing energy audits for the buildings and has contributed to drafting the technical procurement documents, in particular those concerning the energy saving monitoring and verification plan.

Under project 2020TOGETHER, Environment Park visited the repurposed buildings. The inspection was carried out at the end of the work on the buildings in the municipalities of Bruino, Piossasco and Volvera and it confirmed the project’s success in promoting EPC contracts as a new way to create partnerships between public and private sector, with the aim of pursuing Europe’s energy efficiency goals.

For further information, read 2020TOGETHER final publication : “EPC contracts in Public Administration – 2020TOGETHER: model and results”