chianaleMauro Chianale was Managing Technical Official for the Provincial Administration of Turin from 1978 to 2001; Planning and Land and Environment Council member for the Caluso Municipality from 1989 to 2004; Mayor of Caluso; elected Member of Parliament for Piedmont 1 from 2001 to 2006. He is a permanent member of the VIII Permanent Environment and Public Works Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. He is President of the CSQT public-private Consortium for quality research and development in SMEs and professional training. He is President of the Turin Regional Wine Promotion Body. He was an elected Member of Parliament for Piedmont 1 from 2006 to 2008 and Vice President of the VIII Permanent Environment and Public Works Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. He is currently the Director of the Office for Union-Administration Relations for Turin Province and President of Environment Park S.p.A..


Born in Turin in 1971, Davide Canavesio is Chief Executive Officer of Environment Park, TNE Torino Nuova Economia and SAET Group.
He graduated with full marks in Economics and Trade and began his professional career cooperating with the United Nations in Nairobi.
In 1999 he opened Envision, based at Environment Park, a consultancy firm for corporate communication and international relations.
In the meanwhile, he continued his studies at the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard, obtaining a Master in International Development and Economics. He then worked as consultant for private companies and governments in Rome, Milan, Boston and Teheran.
In 2006 he is back to Italy to manage SAET, the Company founded by his family 40 years ago and specialized in induction technology, through a growth plan based on R&D strong investments and internationalization.
In 2008 Saet takes 70% in Inova LAB, spin-off company of Padua University, with the goal to develop research and production in innovative fields, such as energy, environment and bio-medicine.
He achieves significant international operations in India, China and United States. Today, Davide Canavesio is CEO of SAET Group, company with 300 employees in five plants worldwide and a turnover of 30 million euros (2013).
Since 2012 he serves as CEO at TNE – Torino Nuova Economia, the company owning Mirafiori dismissed industrial areas, shared by Regione Piemonte, Provincia and Comune di Torino. After a long standstill period, the company is today active with the launch of one of the biggest urban transformation work in Torino, allowing the company to get out of debt.
He has been President of the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria in Turin from 2010 to 2013, and he was the Person in charge for G8 and G20 themes in the International Committee of National Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria.
In Confindustria he is member of Economic Development Technical Committee.
Since 2013 he is Board Member of Fondazione CRT and board member of  “Amici dell’Università di Torino” Association.
He has always been committed to the local development in different position; as the Leader of Torino Strategica’s Economic Development Committee, he contributed to the Strategic Plan of “Torino Metropoli” until 2025. He has been member of UniCredit “Consiglio del Territorio”, advisor inside the “Comitato Territoriale del Credito Piemontese”. He is co-founder of the Association “GammaDonna” and member of the Advisory Board of Economia Italiana of Unicredit.


damossoDavide Damosso is an industrial chemist who has followed Environment Park since its earliest days in 1997, contributing to the organisation of the partnership’s activities in all areas. He is currently the Director for Innovation and Development and is responsible for various sectors: Green Building, Green Chemistry, Plasma Nano-Tech, Advanced Energy and Clean-Tech. He is the Operations Manager for the POLIGHT Innovation Pole, which manages and promotes the adoption of innovative technologies and best practices within the regional manufacturing system. He is Vice President of the European HYER organisation (Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electromobility for European Regions), which was established in collaboration with the European Commission to promote the integration of regional activities with those supported by the EU in the hydrogen and electromobility sectors. He is also Vice President of H2IT (Italian Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells).

Organisational structure

The structure of Environment Park’s internal organisation is based on the clear identification of the functions associated with the operational responsibilities.