On December 27, 2017, the Shareholders’ Meeting of Environment Park appointed the new members of the administrative and supervisory bodies for the three-year period 2017-2019.


Giacomo Portas is President of Environment Park S.p.A. since July 2023.

He has a long career combining corporate and institutional experience.

In the field of marketing and communication, he has worked in several companies with managerial positions. He has also held positions as Director of Companies and Local Authorities including COVAR S.p.A., Bioindustry Park S.p.A., CHIND S.p.A. and Ente Parco Mauriziano.

His important institutional experience has led him to work in different roles in some local administrations and, during more than five years as a Member of Parliament, to hold important positions including the Presidency of the Bicameral Commission for the Tax Registry.


Born in Turin in 1984, Matteo Beccuti is Chief Executive Officer of Environment Park.

Graduated in law at the University of Turin, he has always been interested in environmental and social issues.

Over the years he has held positions on public and private boards of directors. He has had the role of expert in several commissions of the Turin city council and has developed ten-year experience in the banking-insurance sector.
His attention to work issues led him also to have the role of delegate of a pension fund and to become, in 2017, a provincial union manager.


Davide Damosso was born in Asti on May 25, 1969, has an MSC in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Turin.
Davide Damosso is an industrial chemist who has worked in Environment Park since its earliest days in 1997, contributing to the organisation of the partnership’s activities in all areas.
From 2005 to 2014 he worked asDirector of Research and Innovation of Environment Park S.p.A., with responsibility for the various thematic areas: Green Building, Advanced Energy, Green Chemistry, Plasma Nanotech and CleanTech.
Since 2014 he has taken on the role of Chief Operating Officer of Environment Park with responsibility extended to the various business areas: real estate management of the Park and services for innovation.
He is the Operations Manager for the CLEVER Innovation Cluster, which manages and promotes the adoption of eco- innovative technologies and best practices in the regional system.
In his carreer he has participated, also with managerial positions, in the management of national and European networks, including GEAM (Technical Scientific Association of Georisorse, Environment and Territory), HyER (Hydrogen in European Regions), H2IT – Italian Hydrogen Association and Fuel Cells.