The area onto which Environment Park is built tells a story consistent with our mission: from brown to green field.

Since the end of the nineteenth century up to the late Nineties, the area where Envipark stands was a large industrial site, including foundries, steelworks and other heavy industries, such as Fiat and Michelin, Teksid and Officine Savigliano.

In the Nineties, the City of Turin launched an Urban Transformation program in the Spina 3 area. The first intervention in the area was the Environment Park project: an area redeveloped with green building technologies and sustainable architecture.

Environment Park preliminary project, signed by Emilio Ambasz, Benedetto Camerana, Giovanni Durbiano and Luca Reinerio, aimed at restoring the brownfield to the original condition of a green-field.

The Environment Park project ended in 2006 with the construction of a Convention Center which houses the company’s headquarters and a venue for events. Designed by Stefano Dotta, Alessandro Fassi and Andrea Moro, implementing bioclimatic and energy reduction principles, the building is covered with wooden slats and it is housed inside a metal exoskeleton part of the Fiat steelworks, as a lasting memory of one of the factories that stood on the site.

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