From the Iron Age to technology innovation, the area on which Environment Park is built has moved through the economic history of Turin and Italy: the science and technology park is the first project to be built in Spina 3, the largest area of urban renewal in Europe after the Défense in Paris. It is a new quarter that was given back to the city of Turin at the end of the nineties, following the decommissioning of the so-called ‘belt of steel’, a large industrial complex that was home, for a century, to the leading heavy industries: Fiat, Michelin, Teksid and Officine Savigliano.

It was precisely the Environment Park project that represented the first step in this change of direction, which was already planned by the PRIU (Urban Renewal Programmes that activated the EU DOCUP funds). The complex was built using pioneering green building and sustainable architecture technologies, for the period in which it was designed. Today, Environment Park not only houses over 60 businesses with a total of 600 operators, but is also a business innovation accelerator for the whole of Italy and an open-air laboratory in which to experiment prototypes in green building.
The preliminary project for Environment Park – designed by Emilio Ambasz, Benedetto Camerana, Giovanni Durbiano and Luca Reinerio – was designed to return the brown-field to its original green-field state: from an industrial area to a park devoted to the ‘non-material’ production of innovative technology.

The project to build Environment Park was concluded in 2006 with the construction of an  Office Block which is home to the head offices and an events area. This project – Stefano Dotta, Alessandro Fassi and Andrea Moro – created, following the principles of bioclimatics and limited energy consumption, a building of wooden slats within a metal exoskeleton from the former Fiat Ironworks, a final reminder of the factory that once stood there. The building was then completed with a green area with a semi-subterranean structure that houses a restaurant area and bar with an outdoor area.

Area planimetry