Hydrogen represents a key solution to ensure sustainable energy supply with a strategic role into the innovative pathways towards the European climate neutrality goal. For those reasons, this year Environment Park dedicates its hydrogen day to the hydrogen value chain with an important sustainability perspective all over it. October 26th, Environment Park hosts at its premises the following event: “HYDROGEN AS SUSTAINABLE DRIVER FOR INNOVATION, From the production to the final uses of hydrogen devices for a sustainable and circular supply chain”.

From production until the final use of hydrogen devices, going through their design and manufacturing with an overall life cycle perspective, the hydrogen day will explore the sustainability aspect in some of the main steps of the hydrogen value chain. The event, organised in collaboration with BEST4Hy – the European H2020 project on recycling solutions for end-of-life fuel cells technologies – aims to give a state-of-the art of the hydrogen devices. At the end of day, the speakers will have highlighted opportunities, needs and barriers for the involved stakeholders, enjoying the presence of local and international representatives from the European scene.

The day includes a panel session in the morning, demonstrations and guided tours to the demo sites in the Park in the afternoon. B2B and networking opportunities will also be offered throughout the day through the Swapcard platform. In order to ensure more flexibility, the tool can be used to contact the participants and speakers and organise the meetings, without any binds on the timing. The Johannesburg room will be at your disposal for the B2B meetings.

For the presence of international speakers, the event will be held in English:

09:00 – 09:15 Attendees’ registrations

09:15 – 09:30 Welcome and Introduction

09:30 – 10:30    Panel 1: Producing zero impact energy: green hydrogen and its storage technologies

10:30 – 10:45     Coffe break

10:45 – 11:45    Panel 2: End uses: state of the art of the most innovative and sustainable hydrogen devices

11:45 – 12:45    Panel 3: From Eco-design to End-of-life: a circular and sustainable value chain for hydrogen

12:45 – 13:00 Wrap-up

Morning session available in streaming on our YouTube channel.

The demonstration activity will be conducted by the partners of the BEST4Hy consortium: CEA Liten (Grenoble), Hensel Recycling GmbH and Politecnico di Torino will illustrate the recovery and recycling technologies of critical raw materials developed on end-of-life PEM/SO fuel cells during the project. Shows, video demonstrations and visit to the pilot plant in the laboratories of Environment Park will enrich the interventions.

Following a visit to the genset of EVERYWH2ERE, a hydrogen device for the supply of electricity already experienced in other public events, such as music festivals and fairs.

Discover the speakers and details of the day in the AGENDA (draft).
Book your seat on EVENTBRITE and register your company on Swapcard to learn about other companies and research entities.

Event supported by Cluster CLEVER and Sistema Poli project.


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Renewable Hydrogen Solutions Webinar

This webinar is hosted by the EVERYWH2ERE project which constructs ready-to-use hydrogen fuel cell gensets as an alternative to conventional diesel generators. Organised in cooperation with ICLEI several cities have engaged in testing the genset solutions. As part of its mission, the project aims to present stakeholders with a well-balanced perspective on the potential role and use of hydrogen in different sectors. Envipark is a project partner of EVERYWH2ERE.

With the presentation of the much discussed “delegated act on the production of renewable liquid and gaseous transport fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBO)”, the European Commission has provided more clarity on the origin of renewable hydrogen produced via electrolysis.

Building on the momentum of the discussion, this webinar will reflect on the possible implications of the regulation for the production of hydrogen and its end-use across different sectors by discussing:

  • Considering the criteria, can Europe expand its renewable electricity production fast enough to cater to
    both an increased demand for direct electrification as well as the production of renewable hydrogen?
  • How can end-users be sure that the received hydrogen is renewable? What certifications schemes exist?
  • Given an increased share of renewables on the grid, are hydrogen solutions viable from a local
    government’s perspective?
  • How can hydrogen solutions contribute to emissions reduction in temporary and (potentially) off-grid
    events such as construction sites and festivals?


📆 23 march from 10:00 to 12:30.

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10:00 Welcome & Intro to EVERYWH2ERE
Carsten Rothballer, Coordinator, Sustainable Resources, Climate & Resilience, ICLEI Europe
10:05 Keynote: Hydrogen policy in Europe – where do we stand?
Ruud Kempener, Member of the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, European Commission
10:15 Panel Discussion: Implications of the EU delegated act on the promotion of renewable hydrogen projects in different settings

  • Ruud Kempener, Member of the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, European Commission
  • Marta Lovisolo, Policy Advisor Renewable Energy Systems, Bellona Europa
  • Jacob Bilabel, Founder, Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit
  • Daniel Fraile , Chief Policy Officer, Hydrogen Europe
  • Representative of RINA Consulting (tbc)
  • Representative of Renewable Energies Cluster Hamburg (tbc)


11:15 Climate and regional benefits – Cases of hydrogen application in cities around Europe
Arthur Hinsch, Climate Policy & Energy Governance Officer, ICLEI Europe
11:30 Experience with demonstration of EVERYWH2ERE H2 gensets and potential for emission reduction during temporary events
Giannicola Loriga, Head of Corporate R&D Networking & Development Strategy, RINA Consulting
11:50 Assessing the economics of regional value chains for hydrogen – HyStarter Project
Nadine Hölzinger, Manager, Spilett
12:05 Audience Discussion
12:20 Outlook
Carsten Rothballer, Coordinator, Sustainable Resources, Climate & Resilience, ICLEI Europe


Smartenergy visits on hydrogen and renewables in Piemonte

A three days exchange between June 29th and July 1st 2022 was organized in the frame of SMARTENERGY project funded by COSME programme.
The project, started in February 2020, supports European SMEs and scaling up organizations in the participation to the ClusterXChange program promoted by EASME.
The short-term visits aim to create new market opportunities and facilitate the go-to-market of innovation.

The project reimbursed 450 Euros to each visiting organization.

The partners of SMARTENERGY are:


The pitches’ slides and recordings of 1st July are available hereunder:


Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale Energia – SLIDES

Regional Piedmont strategy and flagship projects for H2 and ecological transition – SLIDES

Politecnico di Torino e IIT – SLIDES

SMARTENERGY project presentation by CLEVER – SLIDES

SMARTENERGY hosts pitches recording

Archenerg cluster

BEBLUE Cryotech 


CluBE, Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment

Flux 50 cluster

MbeguSolar AB

MINALOGIC cluster 

Technorendszer Ltd

Tisza-Ker Ltd

Toyota Sakura

TWEED cluster

Italian companies pitchesrecording




Blue Engineering







MCD – Micro Channel Devices

PUNCH Hydrocells

RAICAM Industrie



Università degli Studi di Torino


Program For Company Mission in Torino


9.00 Welcome coffee

9.30-11.15 presentation of hosting organization, local stakeholders and projects: Environment Park, Politecnico di Torino and IIT – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

11.15-11.30: Icebreaking game

11.30-13.00 Presentation of visiting companies and clusters

13-14: Networking lunch

14 – 17.30 Visits to H2 and CO2 Circle labs



Travel service will be provided by the hosting organisation

9.00-12.30:  ACEA Pinerolese Industriale   (Pinerolo)

12.30-13.30: Networking lunch in Pinerolo

14.30 – 15.30:  Hysytech   (Torino)

16.30 – 17.30:  Tecnodelta   (Chivasso)

18.00 – 19.00 networking cocktail



08.30 – 10.30: Conference

11.00-13.30 Pitches of visiting organizations and local H2 players + B2B among session

13.30-14.30 networking lunch

14.30 – 16.30 Conclusions and wrap up


Local/hosting companies and research centres you will be able to meet during the three days (the list is updated regularly with the availabilities of local stakeholders):

ACEA Pinerolese Industriale



Blue Engineering





Environment Park



IIT – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

MCD – Micro Channel Devices

Politecnico di Torino

PUNCH Hydrocells

RAICAM Industrie



Università degli Studi di Torino


Your SMARTENERGY national contacts:


Discover H2 facilities in Environment Park – H2 labs virtual tour in English or look at the video in French Voyage d’études CENEO à Turin (Envipark)

Second European Regions for Smart Communities Summit

Join us at the Second European Regions for Smart Communities Summit, 9-14 May online and in Portugal, organized by H2020-AURORAL Project.


The Summit will be the celebration of the success and achievements of cooperation across Smart Communities and an opportunity for mutually commit to share challenges and smart solutions.

It will gather local and regional leaders from across Europe to discuss how to involve the citizens and stakeholders in co-promoting smarter small cities, towns, villages and regions for a better tomorrow, as well as key speakers from European Institutions.

Envipark is project partner of the EU H2020 AURORAL project that promotes the development of rural areas and smart villages through the creation of digital platforms and digitalization processes in 8 pilot Regions.


Register here

Webinar: Learning more on the AEWEN initiative and how to succeed in Africa

As part of an EU project focused on water and green energy solutions, the AEWEN consortium invites European companies to take part in the first of a series of webinars to support the internationalisation of European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the markets of Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia. 


The webinar will be divided into two sessions:

  • 9-10 am – Africa Europe Water & Energy Network: the ambitions and objectives of the European AEWEN project


  • 10-11 am – How to succeed in Africa? Focus on Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal with success stories 


What is AEWEN? The project “Africa Europe Water & Energy Network” aims to build a powerful network to encourage collaborations between African and European organisations in the complementary areas of water and energy. This project, carried out by four European clusters (CWP, Environment Park/Clever, Tenerrdis and TWEED), has received funding from the European Union’s COSME programme.


Participate in the webinar to find out more!


Useful information

Where: online webinar on Zoom

When: 7th April 2022, from 9 to 11 am

Who: European companies interested in the target markets (Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia)

Registration mandatory via Eventbrite: Register now

Finmed Final Conference

It takes place in Valencia (Spagna) and even online the Final Conference of FinMED European Project  “Financial scenarios & overcoming challenges for sustainable entrepreneurial growth"

finMED project partner IVACE  is organising in collaboration with Foro ADR and EURADA, the two-days conference AGORADA+ 2021, combined this year with finMED Conference, in Valencia, Spain on 28 & 29 October 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the global economic environment and financial priorities exposing fragilities in the corporate and financial worlds. However, it is also providing opportunities for innovation when it comes to the utilisation of financial instruments and grants.

Indeed, financial instruments such as loans, guarantees and equity provide opportunities for both public and private collaboration, paving the way to catalyse private capital into impactful investing. On the other hand, EU grants might provide the necessary support to rebuild and to implement new business models in such times of uncertainty. A combination of the abovementioned can deploy the advantages offered by both tools which could become a very effective financing mechanism for the recovery plan of European regions, SMEs and entrepreneurs. But that is only part of the picture. There is another category of investing beyond traditional investments that is becoming increasingly accessible to all type of investors and industry professionals, especially to entrepreneurs and regional practitioners. It stays, nonetheless, in the unknown for most of them.

After the past Agorada+ edition in 2020, this high-level international conference, combined with the capitalization of finMED INTERREG MED project, aims to become a forum where regional development practitioners and finance experts can exchange good practices, transfer knowledge, and discuss innovative measures and financial instruments to raise an economy heavily damaged by the undesirable effects of the pandemic and to guarantee sustainable, long-term corporate growth. Three lines of discussion will conduct the conference, each of them developed by specialists in the field.

European programs and initiatives to support financial instruments.

The first day of the event will be dedicated to identifying potential sources of funding for impact investments. In the morning of Thursday, 28th of October, an overall view of the European support framework will be given, bolstered by presentations discussing examples and best practices already tested by regional practitioners via a series of discussion panels. In the afternoon, through several parallel workshops, regional and local experts will discuss on new funding modalities, their frameworks, introducing new concepts such as “blending”, and giving proof of their effectivity through diverse rooms of discussion where examples of their application will be illustrated.

Sustainable Finance / towards the green and digital transition

The second day of the event is dedicated to analysing the demand of impact finance; examples of social innovation and green transition finance are showcased. In the morning of Friday, 29th of October, the discussion will be focused on the importance of the green transition and social innovation that are considered the backbone of EU’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis and to create a competitive and sustainable climate-neutral economy.

Please find the Agenda and Registration Form, here: