Project EUROPA (Energy Efficiency Subscription For Deep Renovation With Performance Guarantee) was financed under European Union’s research programme Horizon 2020. The consortium includes Regione Piemonte, as project coordinator, Environment Park, dealing with the platform development

EUROPA will develop an Energy Efficiency Subscription (a set of technical specifications, procedures and standard contractual arrangements) ensuring guaranteed energy savings from the deep renovation of residential buildings. This will be coupled with a technical assistance service, in the form of a one stop shop, enabling coordination and support in the end users investment journey.

The Energy Efficiency Subscription will consider standards for products and for the level of expertise of craftsmen and professionals, it will define technical standard investment packages and the contractual specifications with the level of performance to be guaranteed. It will also consider the measurement and verification procedure of the performance after the renovation works. The set of standards and specifications will be based on a common format, tailored to the framework conditions of the involved regions and delivered via a web platform.

The coordination and support action will include activities for the promotion of deep energy renovation in the residential building sector working on motivation for end users.

The project will save 10 GWh of primary energy and it will trigger 37 million Euro of concrete sustainable energy investments in the following regions: Piemonte (IT), Alto Alentejo (PT), Allgau (DE), Isère (FR) and Latvia, involving the renovation of more than 1000 dwellings.

Besides, the project will ensure the replicability of the approach across Europe with a customized training activity offered to at least 20 organizations and other dissemination activities in order to widespread the project impact.

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Our role

Envipark acts as WP2 coordinator (dedicated to the set up of the energy efficiency subscription (EES), defining technical, financial and contractual details. Thanks to a participative approach with market operators and with financial institutions, the subscription will be elaborated and adapted to the regional markets involved in the project. The subscription will also be endorsed by relevant governmental institutions in the involved regions, being a reference for the renovation process of the buildings. All the information and procedures will be organised in a web platform which will be used for delivering services to building owners and investors) coordinator and in charge of the project implementation in Piemonte region in collaboration with Piemonte. It has technical experiences that will be used at regional level with Piemonte, but also for the project as a whole, mainly for Measurement and Verification of the Performance and on products and professional skills specifications.

Piemonte and Envipark will work together in the implementation of the project in the regional context. Piemonte will spend more effort in the engagement phase, while Envipark in the technical assistance.