SITO S.p.A. is the management company of the interport of Turin. The reference shareholders, Finpiemonte Partecipazioni S.p.A. and Socotras S.p.A., have identified the need to develop an industrial plan that allows planning the strategic actions to implement in the coming years. The industrial plan will be divided into the following missions:

  • Mission 1: update the settlement plan;
  • Mission 2: strengthening connections;
  • Mission 3: Evolving towards a sustainable infrastructure;
  • Mission 4: modernising and expanding the services offered;
  • Mission 5: optimising the corporate governance structure;
  • Mission 6: Adjust the asset structure to development missions.

With regard to Mission 3, the objective is to define a multi-level action project capable of reducing CO2 emissions and making the energy consumption profiles of the infrastructure and the operating realities installed more efficient.



Envipark has the task of supporting for the drafting of the SITO industrial plan, compared to mission 3 “Evolving towards an environmentally sustainable infrastructure“. Specifically, the planned activities are:

  • Update of the energy diagnosis previously carried out with particular reference to the following:
  1. installation of RES systems integrated in the roofs of buildings or on roof in yards or on the ground;
  2. energy efficiency of the interport street lighting system;
  3. production and use of alternative energy sources for transport (electric charging stations, LNG distributors, hydrogen… );
  4. further information on the possibility of establishing a Renewable Energy Community within SITO;
  5. studies on the possibility of developing new renewable energy and hydrogen production services and of recharging sustainable vehicles and vehicles.