Project Biosofc – Design and demonstration of 3 CHP plants using two 5 kW solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) working with landfill gas and biogas from anaerobic digestion – was financed within the framework of the European Programme LIFE.

The project intends to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of using a combined heat and power (CHP) system based on solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) fed with biogas. The biogas comes from the anaerobic digestion (AD) of the organic waste produced in a slaughterhouse, from different landfills, and, if possible, from mining. Plants set up at four waste disposal sites will co-generate electricity and heat to be used by the installations themselves.

Our role

Environment Park is responsible for the optimisation of the biogas production and purification process, in order to send it to the fuel cell. In addition to this, Envipark is responsible for the carrying out of WP6, which is related to the realization of the entire process’ business plan.