“Efficiency Jobs” is an EU-cofinanced project of the Lifelong learning Programme; managed by the “Organismo Autónomo de Programas Educativos Europeos” (OAPEE) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. It is a “Multilateral Project for Transfer of Innovation” of the subsectoral Leonardo da Vinci Programme (LdV-TOI). Environment Park is partner of the progetto, headed by Grupo San Valero (Spain), with Ecoversum (Austria), Steng (Slovenia), Europa Innovación y Desarrollo (Spain).

The main objective of the “Efficiency Jobs” project is the support to key competencies for employment under the new EU/31/2010 Directive, of great interest for traditional vocational profiles related to the construction sector where unemployment rates in Spain and other EU countries are having much effect.

It is possible to register and access the online training platform on the project website  http://efficiencyjobs.eu/it, in order to attend the following courses concerning energy efficiency in the building sector:

  • Building envelope: bricklaying, masonry and insulation
  • Construction related fields
  • Electricity
  • HVAC and ACS
  • Thermal plant installers

Each course is articulated in 7 parts. A certificate attesting completion of the online training will be released upon successful passing of the final tests relative to each part.

Our role

Tending to its extensive and accredited multidisciplinar experience in the areas of energy efficiency and intelligent construction, and from the expert knowledge of the specific characteristics of its country in such fields; Envipark co-leads with the partner EID the execution of WP2 for elaborating a “pedagogical manual for its transferring” in close collaboration with ECOVERSUM and STENG, considering their expertise areas too.

Envipark collaborates, from its experience and activity ambits, in the transfer to vocational profiles of the sector in its country (WP4) and in the permanent assessment of the project (WP6); and from its geographic ambit of influence in the project valorisation and its results at international level (WP7) and in the attraction of interested people for the “adhesions bank” (WP5).

From its experience participating in European projects, Envipark facilitates the adequate development of the organisational aspects and for the management of the present project (WP1).

Click here to download the final publication with the project results

the workshop on laying thermal insulation systems (5 minutes).