The GREENCAP initiative is a MED Horizontal project whose overall objective is to valorise and capitalize the technical and scientific integrated results of the modular projects community in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) field within the Mediterranean (MED) area, particularly in the islands and rural districts. The project aims to make outcomes accessible to all relevant stakeholders, enabling them to propose and include new solutions in their territorial plans, strategies and regulations. All the interested regions of the MED area will be involved thanks to the creation of the renewable energy community by the partners of the projects, extended within the whole MED area. The community will contribute to the enlargement of the already existing networks addressing the topic.

The integrated results will be presented during numerous thematic events in the MED area involving different target groups such as local authorities, citizens, research centres, companies, experts.

The project will be carried out during the time period 2016-2019, and will have as lead partner the scientific research centre Bistra Ptuj (Slovenia), together with Envipark, Patras Science Park (Greece), Axelera (France), BCNecologia – Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona (Spain), ZEDA – Zenica Development Agency (Bosnia and Herzegovina), with the cooperation of ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, CRES – Centre for renewable energy sources and saving (Greece), CIEMAT – Centre for energy, environment and technology research (Spain) and the city of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The Renewable Energy Community’ modular projects are:

  • PRISMI– Promoting RES integration for Smart Mediterranean Islands
  • COMPOSE– Rural communities engaged with positive energy
  • ForBioEnergy– Forest Bioenergy in Protected Areas of the Mediterranean
  • Stores– Promotion of higher penetration of distributed PV through storage for all.
  • LOCAL4GREEN– Local policies for green energy.
  • PEGASUS– Promotes effective generation and sustainable uses of electricity

Our role

  • Renewable energy community building and animating
  • Coordination with other Horizontal projects
  • Communication and capitalization activities

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