LIFE POWER – Project for Optimisation of Water and Emissions Reduction- has been financed within the framework of the European Programme LIFE.

The main objective of the POWER project is to implement additional monitoring devices to improve the water savings. This goal can be achieved by applying leak detectors with probes at various soil depths, as well as using new methods to calculate water needs relating to climate conditions.

The project also aimed to demonstrate and quantify the potential energy savings derived from the use of efficient water management models and the use of renewable energy-based devices applied to water pumping systems.

In addition, the project aimed to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with moving water sprinklers for irrigation, and to optimize the transferability of the project’s models and methodology to other EU countries.

Our role

EnviPark, as WP leader, participated in the project by realising cadastral and editing maps of green areas within the Municipality of Turin, using GIS software.

Furthermore, Envipark has carried out a screening in order to identify the applicable technologies for powering irrigation systems of urban and agricultural areas using renewable energy sources.