The Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo is a non-profit organization active especially in the province of Cuneo, which pursues purposes of social utility and promotion of economic development, through the provision of grants to public and private non-profit entities and through projects promoted directly, in partnership with local actors.

Between 2020 and 2021, the Foundation has focused some initiatives on the themes of energy and environmental planning, renewable energy communities, sustainable forest resource management, energy upgrading of public buildings and mitigation of hydrogeological risk. In the year 2022 the Foundation continued to support the municipalities of the Province of Cuneo on these issues, developing the New Energy 2022 Call, with which it intends not only to make contributions, but also provide a technical assistance service to meet the shortages of staff and skills present within the technical and administrative offices. Two initiatives are planned:

  • Publication of a call for tenders for the creation of renewable energy communities;
  • accompanying energy and environmental planning through the drafting of Action Plans for Sustainable Energy and Climate of aggregated territories with at least 10.000 inhabitants and its subsequent adoption and implementation.



Envipark is in charge of providing support for the drafting and management of the new New Energy 2022 Call on Energy Planning and Environmental and Renewable Energy Communities. The call will consist of two measures, dedicated to the initiative on Energy Communities and Energy and Environmental Planning.

Specifically, the activities that involve Envipark are:

  • writing the Call and preparing documents for each of the measures;
  • public presentation of the call and assistance to the Foundation in promoting and responding to requests for clarification;
  • evaluation of proposals received;
  • activities of technical assistance to the creation of Renewable Energy Communities;
  • ex-post evaluation of SECAP and restitution meetings to beneficiary municipalities;
  • evaluation of SECAP phase 2 proposals.