Renewable energy

From 2016 to 2019, the Renewable Energy  project, funded by the Interreg MED programme, has been focusing on the development of 6 modular projects promoting renewable energy within the Mediterranean area, with particular attention to rural areas and islands. The outcome  was the development of The “Ecosystemic Transition Unit – ETU”, an alternative solution for energy transition with an ecosystemic approach, with the aim of promoting an effective integration of energy into territorial planning, and bring out new opportunities for local development.

In November 2019, a second phase has been launched with new objectives and activities to be carried out for the next three-year term. In the coming period, the project will mainly focus on the application of the ETU model on voluntary rural and island territories and the subsequent presentation of the results obtained, at national and European level. Numerous initiatives and opportunities dedicated to the municipalities of rural areas and islands will be organized in terms of training and technical support. Follow us!!

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The project leader is the Scientific Research Center Bistra Ptuj (Slovenia), and together with Environment Park, responsible for the transfer activity, with EMEA (Spain), responsible for capitalization and new partners, REVOLVE (Spain), REGEA (Croatia) and AEGEAN Energy Agency (Greece), will try to support the energy transition of rural and island territories for the next few years. To do this, the community can count on the involvement, in Italy, of the following bodies: ENEA, La Sapienza University, the National Association of Municipalities of the Minor Islands (ANCIM) and the National Energy Cluster.

The Renewable Energy Community’ modular projects are:

  • PRISMI– Promoting RES integration for Smart Mediterranean Islands
  • COMPOSE– Rural communities engaged with positive energy
  • ForBioEnergy– Forest Bioenergy in Protected Areas of the Mediterranean
  • Stores– Promotion of higher penetration of distributed PV through storage for all.
  • LOCAL4GREEN– Local policies for green energy.
  • PEGASUS– Promotes effective generation and sustainable uses of electricity

Our role 

As part of the Renewable Energy Project, Environment Park will deal with the strategy of transferring the results of the modular projects of the community to the MED area territories and actors, the development and updating of the community WEBGIS and the application of the “Ecosystemic Transition Unit – ETU ” in Italy. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us !!

Learn more about Renewable Energy project on the dedicated website and in the Interreg MED brochure