SATURNO (Organic waste and Carbon dioxide Transformed into carburates, fertilizers and chemical products; concrete application of circular ecoNOmy) is a 30-months research project funded by Piedmont Region within the scope of the Bioeconomy Technologic Platform initiative. It aims at developing an integrated approach to the complete waste value chain (including carbon dioxide), associated to both the treatment of organic waste and by-products from industrial processes, through the creation of new processes and products.

The project is divided into three research areas:

  1. creation of high added value compounds from the organic fraction of sorted waste, under the scope of a sustainable biorefinery;
  2. capture and exploitation of CO2 produced by co-generators, vehicles and cement plants;
  3. separation of waste plastics for the production of new added-value components for automotive sector.

Our role

Environment Park is greatly involved in all three major areas of project Saturno. In particular, as part of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) valorisation, Envipark contributes its expertise and facilities in the carrying out of pilote-scale tests aimed at producing biohydrogen and short-chain fatty acids. Also, it is responsible for the development of fatty acids purification procedures.

As far as waste plastic valorisation is concerned, Envipark carries out pilote-scale tests on enzymatic treatment and anaerobic digestion of biodegradable plastics.

In the area of CO2 capture and valorisation, Envipark carries out tests for the CO2 biochemical conversion into methanol and ABE in a pilot plant.

Those will be further tested on the demonstrating vehicle developed within the project.