CLEANTEX aims to promote the uptake of circular economy and eco-design concepts to improve the skills of students in textile engineering and workers in the sector through cross-sectoral cooperation in HEIs in order to tackle the main pollution problem in textile industry and reach a more sustainable sector. Moreover, CLEANTEX is aligned with the renewed Circular Economy Action Plan and the new Industrial Policy released on March 2020. In addition, CLEANTEX will also leverage the new European Commission textile policy by 2021.

CLEANTEX  is co-financed by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Commission under the call for Strategic Partnerships for higher education, with the Grant Agreement number 2020-1-LT01-A203 -077874.  The project started on November 1st 2020, it has a duration of 27 months and a total budget of 330.828 €.

The consortium is led by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) as project coordinator from Lithuania, and it counts with the participation of AEI Tèxtils and LEITAT, both established in Terrassa; CRE.THI.DEV, in Greece; CIAPE and Environment Park Torino, in Italy; University of Ljubljana, in Slovenia and Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Arts Industries Textiles, in France.

Our role

Environment Park coordinates activities aimed at designing and developing a virtual training program with open education resources for training higher education students in circular economy and eco-design in textile industry. The virtual program comprises a series of videos and digital handouts tools with practical examples and case studies about circular economy and eco-design to the textile industry.