Surface treatments

From textiles to automotive, biomedical and packaging: Envipark provides sustainable solutions of surface treatments based on plasma* and other technologies, aimed at improving the properties of different materials and designed to make industrial production more environmentally sustainable and more competitive. The Plasma Nano-Tech group has more than 15 years’ experience in development and technological transfer of innovative solution for processes, owing to a strong and continuous collaboration with plasma technology providers.

Some examples of applications developed in and transferred to different industrial sectors are:

  • surface activation and functionalization of fibers and fabrics (natural and synthetic) and composite materials to provide hydrophobic, flame retardant, antibacterial properties;
  • in-line treatments for reducing water and energy consumption in textile production processes;
  • processes for Optimization of bonding/adhesion of polymers and metals (automotive sector and food packaging);
  • surface treatments in the biomedical sector for promotion of cell adhesion and proliferation, sterilization.

Plasma is a high energy (ionized) gas that induces chemical-physical reactions able to modify the surface properties of metals, polymers, natural and synthetic fibers, composites but also waste materials and by-products without compromising the bulk characteristics. In addition, plasma processes have low environmental impact since they don’t involve the use of water and polluting chemicals.

Our specific expertise includes:

  • Technology scouting
    Identification and selection of the most suitable technologies to enhance the chemical-physical properties of material surfaces; implementation into the selected industrial application to improve the performance of processes and products.
  • Process analysis and design
    Owing to specific competences in surface chemistry and plasma and a systemic approach to the technological problem, Envipark carries out an accurate analysis and scientific investigation on the effect of surface activation/grafting and functionalization treatments. Particular attention is given to the aspect of environmental sustainability, evaluated through environmental impact analysis with LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) methodology.
  • Testing and characterization
    In Envipark facilities we perform pre-industrial tests of surface treatments, whose effectiveness is verified through characterizations of the plasma-surface interaction and modifications made. The activity is carried out in collaboration with Research Centers and Universities specialized in chemical and physical characterization of materials.
  • Industrial scale up
    Envipark supports companies into the transfer of surface treatments to an industrial setting in order to improve their production process. Thanks to the “close to market” approach and consolidated collaboration with the reference technological providers, dedicated solutions are developed to meet the needs and challenges of the enterprises.
  • IP Protection: support in the preparation of patents
    We offer advice and guidance on protecting inventions and filing patents related to innovative processes/products involving the introduction and application of surface treatment technologies.


CLEANTEX aims to promote the uptake of circular economy and eco-design concepts to improve the skills of students in textile engineering and workers in the sector through cross-sectoral cooperation in HEIs in order to tackle the main pollution problem in textile industry and reach a more sustainable sector.


Plasma SKI – trattamento solette degli sci

An innovative procedure, able to modify the functional properties of surface of ski bases (running surface) made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with the goal of increasing the maximum amount of absorbable wax was developed and patented by the Plasma Nano-Tech sector of Environment Park.