EALING is a project co-financed by the European Commission, in the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program in which the Central Adriatic Sea Port System Authority (AdSP MAC) is a partner. EALING addresses the need to accelerate the implementation of dock electrification interventions in European seaports in order to contribute to the energy transition in the transport sector, which is responsible for 25% of GHG emissions at the European level.

The objectives pursued by the EALING project are:

  • assess the operational and environmental performance of ports involved in reloading different types of ships;
  • contribute to the development of a common harmonized framework for dock electrification through the cooperation of the stakeholders involved;
  • conduct the necessary technical, environmental, socioeconomic and financial studies to accelerate the implementation of electrification interventions;
  • implement infrastructure and related equipment for dock electrification in at least 16 European ports involved.

As part of this project, AdSP MAC has carried out the executive design for the electrification of quays 17 and 4/5 and, according to the project activities, is responsible for carrying out an environmental study, a port clean energy supply plan, and cost-benefit analyses.



ENVIPARK has been commissioned by the AdSP MAC, for which it had already drafted the Port System Environmental Energy Planning Document (DEASP) in 2022, to prepare the technical and economic analyses related to the implementation of electrification interventions on quays 17 and 4/5 of the Port of Ancona. Specifically, it is required to:

  • draft the environmental study, a summary report of the main environmental impacts of the dock electrification intervention;
  • draft a port clean energy supply plan, a summary report of the main energy sustainability intentions contained in the statutory planning documents (DEASP and POT);
  • carry out cost-benefit analyses related to electrification projects according to the methodology indicated by the European Commission.