Project InterBITS (Harmonisation and exploitation actions of BITS and ITS system) was financed under Programme Interreg V-A France-Italy (ALCOTRA). Environment Park is leading partner of the consortium, which is composed by:  Fondazione ITS, Groupement d’Intérêt Public pour la Formation et l’Insertion professionnelles de l’Académie de Nice, Institut National pour l’Energie Solaire and Regione Piemonte.

InterBITS aims at improving the education and promote high-technical education systems harmonisation (in particular, on environmental issues), in accordance to Axis 4 provisions of Programme Alcotra, which emphasizes the importance of expanding education and training provisions and cross-border professional expertise by increasing geographical mobility among young people on the Italian-French labour market.

Such strategy is also consistent with Europe investment priorities 2020 OT10. In accordance to the expectations of Programme Alcotra, InterBITS also intends to contribute to the Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, through actions aimed at harmonizing high-technical education systems.

By exchanging training paths on environmental issues and improving the technical and linguistic skills of young people in formation and looking for a job, the project contributes to creating more competitive conditions for innovation within cross-border economic and productive systems, promoting a sustainable and inclusive economic development, with a focus on environmental issues and proper management of natural resources and waste.

Our role

Participating in InterBITS enables ENVIPARK to capitalize its past experience in different areas:

  • Developing tools and training devices for the education system in Piemonte
  • Fostering integration between business and research for technologic innovation in the field of Clean Technologies and the education system in Piemonte
  • Strengthening collaboration between CLEVER cluster and ITS Foundations where ENVIPARK is a partner
  • Strengthening collaboration with other French centres of excellence active on Clean Technologies issues and on ALCOTRA territories

By participating in project InterBITS, ENVIPARK was also able to increase its competences relating to supporting the ITS Foundations by providing facilities/laboratories/equipment developed in collaboration with the member companies of CLEVER cluster that could be relevant to Energy and Environment training activities, thus improving the efficiency of Piemonte’s Policies and Programmes concerning energy, environment, SMEs innovation, territory development and higher education.