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PROBIS is looking for Innovative solution for Energy in Building!
Is your company Innovative? Have you developed a new solution for building sector?
Are you interested to promote your innovative solution?
Are you interested to compete inside Public Procurement Tenders aimed to purchase innovative solutions for energy saving in building?

Join PROBIS project, participate to the Market Innovation Surveys and to the Market Engagement Events!

Who we are
PROBIS (Procurement of Building Innovative Solutions)  is a project funded by European Commission that has the  general objective to test Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) in increasing energy efficiency and sustainability of European buildings.  Along the project duration four Public Tenders will be launched, concerning  the refurbishment of buildings using innovative solutions, in Italy, Sweden and Hungary. The project is coordinated by Environment Park S.p.A. – Science and technology park for the environment of Torino (IT).

More about the project
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The Market Innovation Dialogue
The Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) can stimulate innovation by bringing innovative solutions to the market, facilitating capacity building and dialogue between procurers and suppliers. Therefore, PROBIS Market Innovation Dialogue has the following objectives:

  • Check whether the common needs of the PROBIS pilot project can be met with newly developed commercially viable end-products or with product so close to the market that no mid-to-long term R&D but only incremental/integration type development is required;
  • Trigger the supply side to activate its production chain to deliver the required innovations;
  • Stimulate a widespread participation of companies within public tendering (in particular innovative SMEs);
  • Increase the knowledge of EU procures, enterprises and building sector players on innovative solution available on early market.

The engagement of the market consists of two parallel actions – Market Innovation Surveys and Market Engagement Events.

Market Innovation Surveys
Market Innovation Surveys are online surveys with the purpose to involve the largest possible audience of stakeholders in an open and transparent research on the innovative solutions for the refurbishment of buildings setting. These surveys will aid to fix the performance requirements of the procurements.
Submissions are invited from any part of the market that will be able to supply the outlined solutions. These could include – but may not be limited to – developers, manufacturers, suppliers and designers.
We would like to involve the full range of companies – from multi-nationals to Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

How to participate to the Surveys
To inform the procurers about  your solution for the category of your interest, please fill in the following online forms.
Before accessing the forms please read the Background Information Document
You can give a short description of the solution and provide a link where more technical  information can be found.
If you agree, the information about your solutions will be disseminated in the framework of  communication actions towards other EU procurers and companies.
PLEASE NOTE – Speculative emails, emails containing brochures, catalogues and/or other forms of documentation that have not been requested will not be considered.

Please read the disclaimer carefully!

  • The Market Innovation Survey IS NOT a call for tenders, NOR a pre-qualification exercise, NOR the request of Expression of Interest;
  • This Survey has been developed to provide PROBIS’s partners with information that will inform future procurement specifications and strategies;
  • The information within this document has been generated solely for market survey purposes and may not reflect the information ultimately presented in any future calls for tender;
  • This Building Technologies Market Innovation Survey do not oblige any project partners to enter a contractual agreement with any interested party;
  • The competitive phase of the PROBIS coordinated public procurement procedure will be conducted separately with an open and advertised public procurement procedure.

Access to the on line forms
1) Building energy management systems, including monitoring, actuators, metering billing and other components
2) Heat Recovery system for HVAC
3) Windows and frames for residential buildings
4) Wall insulation solutions
5) Individual Domestic Hot Water billing and metering, for centralized DHW systems
6) Windows’s solar shading system
7) Two pipes HVAC  distribution system

Market Engagement Events
Market Engagement Events are important opportunities to describe the PROBIS project, inform the attendants about the characteristics of the building object of the tender, and open a dialogue with the market operators about the performance requirements. You can find the calendar of the Events at – “How to Participate” section.

The tenders
Four Public Procurement for energy refurbishment of building with innovative solutions tenders will be launched in the years 2015- 2016 in Torino (IT), Treviglio (IT), Börlange (SE) and Miskolc (HU).
Miskolc Prior Information Notice: to be published on 2016

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