Co2 Circle Lab

Two of the laboratories hosted within Environment Park are part of the CO2 CIRCLE LAB. The CCL infrastructure (CO2 CIRCLE LAB) promotes a variety of innovative technologies for the capture, accumulation and use of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions (Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage – CCUS).

CCL therefore focuses on the development of biotechnological, electrochemical and thermochemical processes, based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES), for the synthesis of high value-added products from CO2, with sustainable process management.

In addition, CCL develops CCUS processes in strong integration with energy storage systems: hubs of integrated RES-accumulation-CCUS systems (power-to-chemicals protocols, P2C); hubs between major energy grids (power-to-gas (P2G) and gas-to-power (G2P) protocols).

The main services offered by the infrastructure, with IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) as coordinator and with the participation of the Politecnico di Torino, are:

  • CO2 capture
  • Re-use of CO2
  • Energy storage

More information, contacts and insights on CO2 CIRCLE LAB, are available here.