The “SEASTAR Competence Center – Sustainable Energy Applied Sciences, Technology & Advanced Research”, was born in 2018 from an agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development and the Politecnico di Torino, with a focus on study, research and technological innovation activities in safety, including environmental safety, of hydrocarbon research and cultivation plants at sea.

A subsequent agreement, extended to IIT’s Center for Sustainable Future Technologies, adds to these activities an important issue for the country’s energy transition, including the capture of CO2 emissions and their transformation into experimental synthetic fuels and other substances usable by industry. chemistry. Furthermore, the themes of the design and construction of prototype devices for the recovery of rare elements from the sea and for the production of energy from saline gradients will also be dealt with.

SEASTAR, which already boasts numerous collaborations with important industrial companies, thus becomes a multidisciplinary research hub dedicated to increasing the country’s energy security and promoting energy transition processes towards a low-carbon future.

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