InterBITS 2 – Harmonisation and enhancement of the BITS and ITS system

The InterBITS 2 project “Harmonisation and enhancement of the BTS and ITS system” in its second version is a project developed under the European FESR INTERREG VI-A France-Italy ALCOTRA 2021-2027 programme.

This project is the logical continuation of the InterBITS project 2014-2020, which established a synergy program between France and Italy in the field of higher education for the actors of sustainable development.


The InterBITS 2 consortium includes the ITS Foundation as project leader, Environment Park and the Higher Technical Institute of Tourism and Cultural Activities for Italian partners and GIP FIPAN, GRETA Côte d’Azur and the Aix Marseille University for French partners.


This new project will work for three years to capitalise on the points highlighted by the project InterBITS 1 on the need for a joint development of technical skills in sustainable development, and in particular in the circular economy and sustainable tourism, focusing its positioning and technological specificity on a cross-border approach.

Indeed, the possibility of considering the cross-border area as a common training and employment area represents a significant opportunity to train high-performance professionals in the field of circular economy and sustainable tourism both in France and in Italy.


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