European Hydrogen Week: 2 Envipark projects among Award finalists

BEST4Hy and EVERYWH2RE are in the shortlist for the Hydrogen Awards, launched as part of the EU HYDROGEN WEEK, which takes place from 29 November to 3 December 2021 fully online.

Organised by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), the Hydrogen Week is an opportunity to discuss the potential of hydrogen production and its use in different sectors of the economy, implement the European hydrogen strategy and highlight its key role in the Green Deal.

As part of the event, several awards were launched for the most innovative projects, which contribute to accelerate the energy transition of society through a successful partnership collaboration of researchers, industry and policy makers.

Environment Park participates at the Award day on Monday 29 November with two projects, directly selected by the FCH JU: BEST4Hy and EVERYWH2RE.

BEST4Hy  project, funded by the Horizon2020 programme and with Environment Park as lead partner, offers sustainable solutions for the recycling of critical raw materials in end-of-life fuel cells and hydrogen. Whithin the contest, BEST4HY participates in the “Best Success Story” category, where projects that have contributed to creating sustainable, low-carbon solutions or opening new markets for fuel cell and hydrogen technology compete. To vote BEST4Hy select “TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE AND CIRCULAR HYDROGEN ECONOMY” at the following link https://www.menti.com/fgd2zvncqz

EVERYWH2RE is a Horizon 2020 project (of which Rina Consulting is lead partner) that aims to develop an innovative pressurised hydrogen storage system through easily transportable and installable generators, making the use of portable hydrogen generators replicable across Europe in an economically competitive, flexible and durable manner. EVERYWH2RE is competing in the “Best innovation award” category. To vote for EVERYWH2ERE please use this link https://www.menti.com/4mctsrhqny