“What do Europeans know about hydrogen technologies?”

This is the question we will try to answer during the webinar organized by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership tomorrow, Friday, July 7 at 9:30-12:00, to discuss the state of play of public awareness, acceptance and uptake of hydrogen technologies by European citizens. The event was created to discuss the results of the survey launched in 2022 by the JU to understand and analyze public opinion about hydrogen technologies. A fundamental step if we want to make hydrogen gradually find real applications and become part of our daily lives.

Among the speakers also Ilaria Schiavi representing HYPOP – HYdrOgen Public OPiniOn and accePtance.

The project, just launched, is coordinated by Environment Park and aims to increase confidence and awareness about hydrogen technologies and its benefits, involving both citizens and technicians in the sector. A cogeneration project where each stakeholder can provide their own contribution and point of view in the process of acceptance of hydrogen systems. Therefore, the results of the survey represent the first step of a project that in two years will work to understand the social and individual aspects that affect the vision of citizens with regard to hydrogen, technical barriers for end applications and will provide tools to help those who will have to deal with promoting such systems and integrating them into our society.

Not missing the appointment tomorrow, OPEN REGISTRATIONS and AGENDA available.