The first Expert Course of the European Multilevel Hybrid Learning project kick off

The team of the Multilevel Hybrid Learning project met in Turin at ENVIRONMENT PARK’s premises to present the University Expert Course in Cybersecurity and Blockchain, validated at EU level in the framework of the ERASMUS PLUS programme and can be taken by any student who has completed higher vocational training, a university degree or who is over 25 years old and has at least one year's work experience in the specific field of this programme.

The Expert Course on Cybersecurity and Blockchain has started on the 10th of July 2023, it lasts 450 hours (18 European credits) and it is developed in online version through the platform developed by SEAS ESTUDIOS SUPERIORES ABIERTOS ON LINE,. More than 100 students will complete this online training with live online classes applying new learning methodologies that will allow them to deepen their knowledge of the topics of study. while applying innovative resources. Those who complete this training will receive their own university expert degree or expert degree (depending on access conditions) and it will be issued by the UNIVERSIDAD SAN JORGE, another of the entities of GRUPO EDUCATIVO SAN VALERO.

The next courses scheduled within this project are the University Expert Degree on Innovation Management, IoT and Robotics, which will start one week later, and the University Expert Degree on Energy Efficiency applied to industry and buildings, which is scheduled for the month of September. These last two courses will have similar characteristics in terms of delivery format.

The Multilevel Hybrid Learning (MHL) project of the Grupo Educativo San Valero aims to bring together the world of vocational education training and university education with the European business environment in order to respond to the emerging needs of qualified personnel in a reality that demands skilled professional profiles adapted to the rapid technological changes and the demand for updated professionals.

Another of the results of the project is a catalogue of emerging professional profiles that reflect the needs of the European business environment, carried out through a first prospective phase that confirms the needs of the business world and the key role of the world of education and training.

For more information, please contact Luca Galeasso luca.galeasso@envipark.com