EVERYWH2ERE: cities as living labs for Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies

EVERYWH2ERE is a project funded by H2020, the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation, through the FCH JTI (Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) Joint Undertaking.
European cities can become living labs for the demonstration of Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies  everyday applications such as temporary gensets that are used in construction sites, music festivals and temporary events. EVERYWH2ERE project will integrate already demonstrated robust PEMFC stacks and low weight intrinsically safe pressurized hydrogen technologies into easy to install, easy to transport FC based transportable gensets. 8 FC containerd “plug and play “gensets will be realized and tested through a pan-European demonstration campaign in a demonstration to market approach, and  demonstrating  their  flexibility and their enlarged lifetime. A detailed logistic and environmental analysis will be performed to study the complete techno-economic viability of the gensets and a decision support tool will be realized to support end-users in future replicability. A strong dissemination and communication campaign will be conducted particularly during “demonstration events” (more than 25 festivals) in order to increase public audience awareness about FCH technologies.
In the EVERYWH2ERE, the role of ENVIPARK is to coordinate the demonstration and monitoring of the 25kW gensets.
ENVI will coordinate all the DEMO sites and will take in care the main temporary events in Italy, during some events there will be the support of IREN SPA and IREN ENERGIA