The  EU HYDROGEN WEEK, organised by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) has started well: the BEST4Hy project, where Environment Park is coordinator, has been awarded as “Best Success Story”.

Directly selected by the FCH JU, BEST4Hy competed in the category ‘Towards a sustainable and circular hydrogen economy’ with other 5 projects dealing with the same thematic on sustainability and circularity applied on hydrogen technologies: SH2E, HYGUIDE, HYTECHCYCLING, EGHOST and CERTIFHY.

Yesterday 29th of November, Sabina Fiorot (Environment Park) partecipated at the award ceremony: “It is a great pleasure for BEST4Hy to be awarded as “Best Success Story 2021”. As project committed to give sustainable solutions for end-of-life hydrogen fuel cells, it is very important to see recognized the sustainability value and the life-cycle thinking approach as founding features of BEST4Hy itself and complementary to an efficient and valuable transferring of hydrogen technologies, as advocate by the European strategy for a clean energy transition and low-carbon economy. Our participation to the EU Hydrogen Week strengthens our team. The BEST4Hy Consortium, well consolidated after only one year of activity, is now even more motivated to give its effort pursuing the project goals and showing the professionality and the high-level competences of the whole team.”


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