Organic waste valorization in complex territorial contexts

Within the project SCOW – Selective Collection of Organic Waste in tourist areas and valorisation in farm composting plants (2013 – 2015) – Environment Park, as project partner, organizes a conference dedicated to the organic wastes valorisation in complex territorial contexts.
The project has allowed to emphasize that it isn’t always easy to apply standard models to all situations. During the event, the first part will be dedicated to an overview for allow to frame the general problems related to the Italian legislative and authorization topics of this kind of plants, followed by issues related to the agricultural valorisation of the final product and the logistics management, with reference to the compostability of collection bags materials. During the second session, several case studies of application of management models in different and complicated contexts (territorial, logistical, environmental conditions and touristic vocation area with high flows fluctuations), including the solutions elaborated specifically for the SCOW project, will  be presented. The experiences of Spain and France on the subject will highlight solutions of organic waste management on a small scale, applied in similar contexts and easily replicable.
After the conference, it will be possible, to visit the organic wastes exploitation facilities presented at Environment Park.
The programme of the event is available on the following link: Programma Convegno
For more information about the project SCOW project: www.biowaste-scow.eu
The event is free. To sign up click here