SMARTENERGY: Digitalizing the energy transition @ENLIT Europe

SMARTENERGY gathers 6 energy & digital clusters from Belgium, France, Italy and Hungary. The EU project aims at facilitating their ecosystems accessing the market boosting the digitalization of the energy sector. From 30/11 until 02/12 the SMARTENERGY partners are present at Enlit Europe to support companies implementing real solutions for the digital challenges of the energy transition

Exchange, connect and learn throughout the EU
The project is built around the opportunities of ClusterXchange. This pilot program supports short term exchanges to better connect companies, research institutes, clusters, innovation hubs, scale-up support organizations and other innovation players in the EU. Besides financial support for travel and accommodation, these SME’s e.a. get the support of SMARTENERGY partners for P2P learning, on-the-job training, knowledge exchange and networking.
During a tailor made visit (min. 3 days) participants get to know and interact with the most important players digitalizing the energy transition of a specific region or country.

The big 5: challenges at the crossroads of digital & energy
SMARTENERGY, lead by Minalogic, conducted a study to provide cross sectoral and trends analysis of the role of the emerging industry of digital energy in relation to the objectives of decarbonization and circular economy at EU level.

The assessments of the consortium members converged to a set of 5 energy challenges that can be considered as the focus of future inter-clustering activities:

  1. Develop grid-connected and off-grid micro-grids technologies to enable smart energy communities.
  2. Develop innovative solutions for local renewable generation of thermal energy (heating, cooling)
  3. Store energy
  4. Develop renewable energy production systems adapted to Buildings (BIPV, adapted wind turbines, etc.)
  5.  Software for smart mobility: Applications for car sharing service billing, software to implement Vehicle-to-Grid, protocols for interoperability

To get these priorities on top also in regional smart specialization plans all clusters have organized or planned workshops with their regional authorities. Of course, also the set up and support for cooperation and exchange between the different ecosystems is high on the agenda.


6-pack series: SMARTENERGY went digital

Since sanitary conditions made it impossible to implement this in 2021, the partners have set up 6-pack series – an online advanced training series & B2B match making on game changing energy trends. The Belgian Partners Flux50 and TWEED organized 6 sessions on Energy Communities, the French clusters Minalogic and Tenerrdis on smart grids and Envipark in Italy dealt with hydrogen. Check them out!


Join us in Milan!

At Enlit Europe in Milan Envipark, Flux50, Minalogic and Tenerrdis support their companies implementing real solutions for the digital challenges of the energy transition. Meet them!

On  01/12 you can join

Meet our companies @Enlit


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IT – CLEVER/ENVIPARK: Luca Galeasso, luca.galeasso@envipark.com

FR- TENERRDIS cluster: Ingrid Milcent, ingrid.milcent@tenerrdis.fr

FR – MINALOGIC: bastien.hualpa@minalogic.com

BE – FLUX 50: Ariane Decramer, ariane.decramer@flux50.com

BE- TWEED: Cédric Brull, cbrull@clustertweed.be

HU- ARCHENERG: info@archenerg.eu